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Buffalo Creek Story

We are a family owned and operated marina located on the Northwest side of Lake Murray in Newberry County. 

Meet The Chuck Higgins Family

At any time you may find any one of us working to meet your needs and expectations at Buffalo Creek Marina. We truly are a family run business. 

Family History


The late, Charles L. Higgins Sr, was most commonly known as "Charlie." Mr. Higgins purchased the property now known as Buffalo Creek Marina on January 01, 1974. He was the active owner of this business until the time of his recent death on June 19, 2019. All who knew Charlie will sadly miss him and fondly remember him for his friendly manner, generous heart and his hearty laugh. He loved South Carolina, Lake Murray, The Gamecocks but mostly he loved his family and friends.  We will continue to honor his work and his memory. 

Charles L. Higgins, Jr, most commonly known as "Chuck" has loved and worked for Buffalo Creek Marina since he was a small child. Chuck and his dad have worked together for the past 23 years to realize a vision for the marina. Chuck is going to continue on in this vision and work to keep Buffalo Creek Marina operating as a family owned and favored place on Lake Murray to come for refreshment and a good time. It is his prayer that his dad will be honored by his continued work toward their vision. 


Celena Higgins Callicotte, most commonly known as "Lena" has supported and helped her dad and brother in the operations of Buffalo Creek Marina for many years. Lena is committed to continuing to support Chuck as he continues operations and his vision for improvements in the property and the quality of services.