We know you're gonna have a good time every time you visit Buffalo Creek Marina. 

We've got your good time opportunities! Catch a fish or a catch a wave. Watch a bird or a beautiful sunset. Cruise on your boat or your bike. Bring all the generations, bring the young and bring the old. Warm-up with an evening fire or cool down with an afternoon swim.  Grill your own food or sit down and let The Grill serve you. Contact us today and let us help you plan your good time. 


What does Tatanka mean? Tatanka is a Lakota word meaning "Big Beast." Tatanka is a reference to the Buffalo. For the Lakota people Tatanka was their meaning in life. Their daily lives revolved around Tatanka. They relied upon the buffalo for food, clothing and housing. Here at Buffalo Creek Marina we feel a connection to the Lakota people as our lives also depend upon the BUFFALO. This marina is our way of life! Don't be surprised if we greet you with a Tatanka!!